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  • Amdatu BlobStoresBlobStores are used to store (large) files in the cloud. Amdatu BlobStores is based on the jclouds library that supports BlobStores from several cloud providers such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Amdatu BlobStores re-packages jclouds and all of it's dependencies to provide a single comprehensive component that is available as an OSGi service which is configurable using a Managed Service Factory. This way ConfigurationAdmin can be used to configure BlobStores while using the jclouds API to us
  • Amdatu BootstrapAmdatu Bootstrap is the easiest way to get started with OSGi development and Bndtools. It is a browser based tool that helps you to setup Bndtools projects.
  • Amdatu ConfiguratorThis project provides a simple way of provisioning configuration files to your OSGi application, allowing you to use the same set of configuration files to run your OSGi application locally as you would need for deploying your application using Apache ACE or DeploymentAdmin.
  • Amdatu EmailAmdatu Email provides a service abstraction for sending email. Currently, it provides implementations to send emails through Amazon's Simple Email Service, through a configured SMTP server, as well as a mock implementation for use in test scenario's.
  • Amdatu JPAAmdatu JPA makes it easy to work with relational databases using JPA in OSGi.
  • Amdatu MongoDBThe MongoDB component makes it easy to use MongoDB from OSGi. The component is a Managed Service Factory that enables you to configure MongoDB using Configuration Admin. This is a very light weight component and does not add APIs. The MongoDB Java Driver is already an OSGi bundle.
  • Amdatu MultitenancyThis project provides a transparent and lightweight multitenancy mechanism to Amdatu and other OSGi applications, allowing you to run hundreds of tenants in a single framework with minimal overhead. Existing bundles can easily be converted to multitenant aware bundles, even without access to their source code.
  • Amdatu RemoteThe Amdatu Remote subproject provides implementations of the OSGi Remote Services 1.0 (OSGi Enterprise R5) and Remote Service Admin 1.1 (OSGi Enterprise R6) specifications. OSGi specifications can be downloaded via the OSGi Alliance homepage 
  • Amdatu Request LogThis project provides the ability to store data about web requests in a MongoDB database and a web viewer to display this information to get a nice overview on the analytics of your application.
  • Amdatu SecurityThe Security component offers authentication and authorization features. The component makes it easy to implement authentication and authorization for web applications, indepent of how users and groups are created and stored.
  • Amdatu TestingThis project provides several static utility functions that simplifies writing OSGi unit and integration tests.
  • Amdatu WebAmdatu Web offers the JAX-RS API to easily implement RESTful web services. JAX-RS is a Java EE standard that provides support to create RESTful web services with use of annotations. This makes adding a RESTful web service in Amdatu as simple as registering an annotated class as an OSGi service. It will automatically be picked up by the framework and made accessible as a REST endpoint.
  • Amdatu SchedulingThe Scheduling component makes it easy to schedule jobs that are executed at configured intervals or dates. The component is based on the Quartz framework, and adds a whiteboard style approach to registering jobs.
  • Amdatu TemplateThe Amdatu Template project is a service abstraction for template processing engines. The service interface abstracts away from the specific implementations of such processors.
  • Amdatu SearchThe search component allows you to create an index of structured documents and do advanced search queries on it.
  • Amdatu ValidatorThe Validator component brings Bean Validation to OSGi. Bean Validation can be used to put field constraints on Java objects using annotations.

Amdatu Labs

  • Amdatu Bndtools ACEDeploy to Apache ACE from Bndtools during development. It's not always possible to run the framework from Bndtools, for example when the framework is embedded in a legacy application or running on a platform on which you can't (or don't want to) run Bndtools. With Amdatu Bndtools ACE it's possible to continuously deploy your work from Bndtools to Apache ACE so you can run a framework anywhere you want and get the development hot deployments your'e used to with Bndtools.
  • Amdatu ElasticSearchAmdatu Elasticsearch makes it possible to use the ElasticSearch Java client in OSGi.
  • Amdatu EtcdA collection of services and utilities on top of and Etcd backend.
  • Amdatu JPA HibernateAmdatu JPA Hibernate provides Hibernate support for Amdatu JPA. The Hibernate adapter is not (yet) a part of the official Amdatu JPA repository because we don't want to include components that have LGPL licensed dependencies.
  • Amdatu ObjectMapperJava object to object mapping based on Orika In larger projects with layered architectures it is not uncommon to have different components exchange (value) objects. It is not always desirable or feasible to pass such objects through the layers of the architecture unmodified, which means we need some kind of tooling to map objects from one representation to another. Examples are conversions into different formats to accommodate different APIs, or convers
  • Amdatu TypeScript GeneratorAmdatu TypeScript Generator creates typescript classes and/or interfaces of your java class or enum files.

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